15 October 2012 A Book About Reading by Justyna Sobolewska

This book is a gift for all book lovers. We have our favourite books, places to read in, ways of arranging books on shelves and memories of reading. Keen readers often discuss this: some have followed the path of important books, others have collected the first sentences, others still have enjoyed reading on the toilet. This book is made of the voices of many readers and is in fact unfinished, as anyone could add something for themselves. It is an encouragement for the readers to produce their own list of reading-related pleasures (which does not mean that reading is a pleasure only). In just two days, some of the POLITYKA weekly copies will have Książka o czytaniu, czyli resztę dopisz sam (A Book About Reading, or Write the Rest Yourself) by Justyna Sobolewska, a journalist of POLITYKA, sold with it.

The book and POLITYKA (issue 42/2012) set will cost PLN 20. The book will also be sold separately for PLN 24.90 (in kiosks and press outlets and at www.polityka.pl). The book has been published by POLITYKA Spółdzielnia Pracy.

Remember that the author will soon be visiting Krakow. She will host the meeting with Eustachy Rylski during the upcoming Conrad Festival. The event will take place on the 25th of October (Thursday), at 4 p.m., at the Festival Centre (Pałac pod Baranami, Rynek Główny 27).