5 December 2012 Let’s talk about books

Discussion Book Clubs are places for those who like reading and talking about what they read; they offer access to the most recent and most interesting books, special meetings with writers and a free unrestrained discussion. DBC is also a real trial by fire both for newly published books and for classic works. Readers are invited to join DBCs by the Book Institute and Provincial Libraries.

Malopolska can boast the biggest number of active Discussion Book Clubs; currently there are 116, half of which are children’s clubs (57). Every month 1,385 club members attend discussion meetings.

In Malopolska there is also an active DBC in the Penitentiary. One of the clubs has its meetings in a specially adapted firehouse. Discussion meetings are held in very unconventional places, such as a coffee house, a shopping mall, a mountain shelter or a private orchard.

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