18 March 2013 Let’s swap books!

Two book swaps will take place in the forthcoming week. On the 20th of March (Wednesday) you can swap your books between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. in Gołębnik (the Faculty of Polish Studies of the Jagiellonian University, ul. Gołębia 14), and on the 24th of March (Sunday) we will traditionally meet in the Wyspiański Pavilion (Pl. Wszystkich Świętych 2) at 3 p.m. Let’s give a second life to our books!

Several volumes have been given by the Library of the Faculty of Polish Studies of the Jagiellonian University for the Wednesday book swap in Gołębnik. This means that you can expect many interesting books on the tables. The volumes that will remain after each swap will be used for setting up an official bookcrossing shelf in the room of the Council of Students of the Faculty of Polish Studies of the Jagiellonian University. Apart from that, they will be used for organising workshops on artistic books and creative renditions of finished works. We will start at 10 a.m.; if the weather permits, we will meet in the courtyard of the building at ul. Gołębia 14, and if the winter persists – we will meet in the hall.

Those who cannot come on Wednesday are invited to join us in the Wyspiański Pavilion on the 24th of March (Sunday) at 3 p.m.

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