17 April 2013 When I’m a child again… – the Literary Salon with Magdalena Tulli at Villa Decius

On Monday (the 22nd of April), at 5 p.m., the next meeting of the Literary Salon will take place at Villa Decius. It will feature Magdalena Tulli, author of Stones and Dreams, In Red and Włoskie szpilki. The When I’m a child again… meeting will be focused around the theme of childhood, ever-present in the works of Tulli. Tulli will also speak about Awantura w lesie, her latest book for “big children”. Admission is free. Magdalena Tulli was one of the guests of this year’s edition of the Conrad Festival.

The Literary Salon is a part of the second edition of the SAGA creativity workshops for seniors. The creative writing course is supplemented by meetings, lectures on the theory of literature and contemporary trends, discussions about contemporary and old Polish literature and meetings with authors open for everyone. The guests of the first edition of the Saga Literary Salons were: Andrzej Franaszek, Magdalena Dygat, Michał Olszewski, Wojciech Nowicki and Krakow-based publishing houses: Karakter, Znak and Ha!art.