17 June 2013 I create interesting stories

‘I am not a neurosurgeon, and people’s lives do not depend on my hand shaking. But I can take the reader on a short, pleasant journey,’ says Zygmunt Miłoszewski in his conversation with Piotr Bratkowski published in the latest edition of Newsweek. The new novel by Miłoszewski, Bezcenny (Invaluable) will reach bookstores’ shelves this week.

‘All of my literary programme is based on thinking of a story interesting enough, so that the reader can’t wait to turn the page and see what happens next. Let us not exaggerate, they are just black marks against a white background. Writers are terribly serious about their work. As if they were neurosurgeons, and people‘s lives depended on their hands shaking. But it is just entertainment, show business. Everything I believe in is the escapist power of literature, everything I can offer is to take the reader for a cool two-evening journey. It would be better if the journey in question was not particularly silly, but then again this is a secondary matter as well. This is my creed as a commercial writer,’ Miłoszewski laughs.

Two years ago, Jacek Bromski made a film entitled Uwikłanie (Entanglement) based on Miłoszewski’s novel. The Krakow Festival Office was the film’s co-producer, and the shooting was supported by the Krakow Film Commission. The film was subsidized by the Regional Film Fund, the Małopolska Region and the City of Krakow.