27 October 2009 Kot Przybora on advertising as literature

Kot Przybora, President of the PZL advertising agency, co-author of many awarded advertising campaigns, will be the guest of the 1st Joseph Conrad International Literature Festival. On Friday (6th November) at 6 pm in Kino Pod Baranami (Pod Baranami Cinema) Przybora will speak about advertising as a form of literature. The meeting, open to wide public, will be chaired by Michał Kuźmiński form Tygodnik Powszechny. Entrance free of charge.

Advertising, drawing from the system of references of its addressees, frequently cites, reworks and enters into a dialogue with motifs of culture, also of the high variety. It is also an operation on words. It is very likely that today no other creative discipline expands language to a greater degree, granting new meanings to words, remodelling their established implications, finally – creating entirely new linguistic constructs. Advertising is the art of selling. It is also the art of persuasion, seduction, and – strictly speaking – the art of expression. How can one see advertising as literature? What lies behind copywriting and – on the other hand – behind the reading of advertising? Answers to these and many other questions on the subject of advertising seen as a literary form will be given by Kot Przybora during the 1st Joseph Conrad International Literature Festival in Krakow.

Kot Przybora, graduate of Enhlish studies, has been working in advertising since the 1980s. Together with Iwo Zaniewski he is the founder of the PZL advertising agency, where he holds the position of President and Creative Director.
PZL advertising agency was founded in 1999. It has been responsible for advertising campaigns for: Plus GSM (with Mumio cabaret), Żubr, Alior Bank, Allegro, Tesco and many others. The characteristic quality of its work is linguistic creativity and high level of attention paid to the word. A few days ago PZL received Grand Prix in the Polish edition of Effie Awards 2009 for its campaign launching Alior Bank on the market.