7 October 2010 Reading Lesson with Ewa Kuryluk, Piotr Paziński and Michał Paweł Markowski.

After the success of last year’s Reading Lesson, this year we invite students once again to three encounters with literature with the interpretations of the best possible guides. This time, the lessons will be led by: Ewa Kuryluk, Piotr Paziński and Professor Michał Paweł Markowski. Each of the lessons will begin at noon. Sign up for teachers and pupils interested in taking part in the project is already underway.

• 3rd November (Wednesday), at 12:00, at the Wyspiański Pavilion – Reading Lesson with Ewa Kuryluk (reading of the first chapter of “Goldi” by Ewa Kuryluk)
• 4th November (Thursday), at 12:00, at the Wyspiański Pavilion – Reading Lesson with Piotr Paziński (reading a text by Shmuel Yosef Agnon, “Agunot”)
• 5th November (Friday), at 12:00, at the National Museum – Reading Lesson with Michał Paweł Markowski (reading of a text by Paul Celan, “Conversation in the Mountains”) An additional attraction of the meeting will be a film about Celan: “Gespräch im Gebirg” (Conversation in the Mountains). The film lasts 59 minutes and will be shown after the lesson.

We encourage all school pupils who are interested in participating in discussion, and who want to develop their skills in interpreting literature in a non-formatted way. To ensure the comfort of participants of the meeting, as well as that of the lecturers, it has been decided that the number of participants for each meeting will be limited to 30.

All texts discussed will be available shortly on the Internet at www.lekcjeczytania.tygodnik.com.pl. Prior reading of the texts in Polish is a condition for participation.

Persons interested in participating in the lessons are asked to send us a notification at the email address lekcjeczytania@tygodnik.com.pl containing:
– first names and surnames of pupils,
– a note if the pupils have already participated in the Lectures in Reading,
– the teacher’s name (if they will be participating),
– name of school,
– day of lesson selected.

Applicants will be assigned spaces according to the order of notifications.