5 November 2010 Film stories about Celan and Bachmann

Celan and Bachmann’s works are widely commented during this year’s Conrad Festival. Discussion panels, exhibitions, meetings with guests from Poland and abroad is not all. The publication of correspondence between Celan and Bachmann, published on 2 November by the publishing house Wydawnictwo a5 will also be accompanied by a rich block of films and documentaries dedicated to the works of those two, which begins today. The curator of the project “Between life and literature. Emotional and poetic relationship of Ingeborg Bachmann and Paul Celan” is the Nuremburg House in Krakow. Partners: National Museum in Krakow, Television SWR, Art Stations Foundation, publishing house “Wydawnictwo a5”, as well as the monthly “Literatura na Świecie”. Productions completely unknown in Poland can constitute a perfect completion of the rich critical literature dedicated to these two great individualities of German literature.

Within the scope of the project, there will be shows of experimental films, feature films and documentaries dedicated to the life and works of both poets. In the film block there are also pictures dedicated to the works of artists inspired by Celan’s and Bachmann’s literature – above all one of the most outstanding creators, Anselm Kiefer, whose painting “Das Haar” will be presented tomorrow. “Anzelm Kiefers Bücher” – this is Thomas Honickel’s film, in which he presents the artistic path of the contemporary German artist, analysing literary footsteps in his selected works. The film by Mattias Caduff – the Swiss director – titled “Conversations in the mountains” based on Celan’s stories, is also promising to be interesting. This experimental document, distinguished by many awards, will be presented at the Conrad Festival in the domain of the “Reading Lesson”. The feature proposition will constitute the film “Malina” by Werner Schroeter from 1990. The picture was created based on Ingeborg Bachmann’s novel of the same title – defined as a huge testament of her relationship with Paul Celan. A supplement could be Peter Hamm’s production from 1980 – “That me cannot live among people. Following in the footsteps of Ingeborg Bachmann” – the director will be a guest in Krakow.

A part of the project are also shows of the following films: “Only there behind the chestnuts is the world. Paul Celan 1920-1970”, “In the south of my soul”, “Three roads to the lake” and others. More detailed information in our literature and film tab. We invite you warmly to watch these unique motion pictures.