7 November 2010 The testimony of the XX century – a meeting with Lanzmann today

The event of the last day of the 2nd International J. Conrad Festival of Literature will no doubt be a meeting with the guardian of bad memory of the XX century, the acclaimed author of a documentary on the Holocaust lasting more than eleven hours, “Shoah”, the French documentary film-maker – Claude Lanzmann. On Thursday at the Pod Baranami Cinema we presented his shocking documentary depicting the unprecedented history of rebellion and mass exodus of prisoners of the Sobibor camp. Known for its radical views, Lanzmann – adored by some, hated by others – will meet with the public at the National Museum at 6 p.m. The discussion on “the history, memory and oblivion” will be hosted by Konstanty Gebert. After the meeting, participants will be able to see the latest documentary by Lanzmann devoted to a famous Polish emissary of World War II – Jan Karski, which was highly debated in Poland and the world. We invite you to this final meeting of the 2nd Conrad Festival.