27 April 2011 Conrad Festival and Unsound in the World League of Polityka magazine

The latest issue of the Polityka weekly unveils a list of the most important cultural events in Poland. The prestigious group of 10 events, all carrying World League status, includes the Joseph Conrad International Literature Festival and the Unsound Festival. Other recognised events included the Divine Comedy International Theatre Festival (award in the ‘Theatre’ category) and Sacrum Profanum Festival (award in the ‘Classical music’ category).

A statement on the Conrad Festival said that “It is not a festival devoted to Conrad, but the world of literature.” The guest list of the first two editions and the crowds attending the meetings proved that the Conrad really is a world phenomenon.

Theri description of the Unsound Festival stressed that “...within just a few years, the festival has built such a reputation and a portfolio of its own ventures, that the next two guest editions will be held in New York. In the new areas of music (electronic music, improvisation, dance scene, etc), the festival has no equals in this part of Europe, hence the unusual ratio between Polish audiences and extremely numerous international visitors and commentators in global media.”

To express their appreciation of the Divine Comedy Festival, the jury stated that “The festival is, besides the Warsaw Theatre Meetings, the most important theatre retrospective of major Polish productions of the previous season. Shows are picked by several Polish theatre critics, and awards are granted by international reviewers and festival directors; the outcome of such a look from a distance at our theatre may be surprising.”

The Sacrum Profanum Festival was included in this honourable group because “...its distinctive quality is to focus each year’s edition on a different country or region and the clash between avant-garde and popular culture. Sometimes not even a clash, but a co-operation.” It will be no different this year: Americans will be the heroes, with a particular emphasis on Steve Reich on the occasion of his 75th birthday. The composer will come personally and perform with Jonny Greenwood (Radiohead).