7 October 2011 Another edition of Reading Lessons at the Conrad Festival!

We invite you to another edition of Reading Lessons during the International Joseph Conrad Literature Festival in Krakow! Those wishing to attend the lessons should write to lekcjeczytania@tygodnik.com.pl and give their name, school and the date of the Lesson they'd like to attend).

The programme of this year's lessons is as follows:

02/11 (Wednesday)
12:00 pm Lesson in reading Robert Walser
with Grzegorz Jankowicz - we will read Robert Walser's Mikrogramme
Venue: Wyspiański Pavilion

03/11 (Thursday)
10:00 am Reading Lessons with Tadeusz Sławek
- you will read Mellvile's Bartleby, the Scrivener
Venue: Regional Public Library in Krakow

04/ 11. (Friday)
10:00 am Reading Lessons with Jacek Dehnel
- we will read Home is So Sad, The Large Cool Store and Mr. Bleaney by Philip Larkin
Venue: Regional Public Library in Krakow

05/ 11 (Saturday)
12:00 pm Lessons in reading translation with Magda Heydel
- we will read a new translation of Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness. Venue: Regional Public Library in Krakow

06/ 11 (Sunday)
12:00 pm Lessons in reading literature for children with Joanna Olech
- we will read Astrid Lindgren's  Pippi Goes on Board (transl. Teresa Chłapowska), Pippi in the South Seas (transl. Teresa Chłapowska), Pippi Longstocking (transl. Irena Szuch Wyszomirska).
Venue: Bunkier Sztuki

The Reading Lessons are a campaign mounted by the Tygodnik Powszechny Foundation. Partner of the campaign is the University of Łódź. Visit www.lekcjeczytania.tygodnik.com.pl