23 April 2012 Manuela Gretkowska’s Agent in bookshops from the 9th of May

The 9th of May will see the premiere of Agent, the latest novel by Manuela Gretkowska. The book deals with complicated relationships, love, lies and their consequences. The protagonist, sixty-yearold Szymon Golberg, leads a double life: not only does he have a loving and caring wife in Tel Aviv, but also a young lover and a son in Warsaw, where he often travels on business. He loves both women as well as deceives them. The situation comes to a head one day as his wife decides to pay him a visit in Poland. This time around Manuela Gretkowska is not provocative; she is more like Maria Nurowska – writes Leszek Bugajski in the latest issue of Newsweek. Manuela Gretkowska was a guest of the 3rd edition of the International Joseph Conrad Literature Festival.

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