Mikołaj Grynberg

Mikołaj Grynberg

(born 1966) – photographer and writer, psychologist by education. His photographs have been shown in almost all parts of the world. The author of picture albums: Dużo kobiet [Many Women] (2009) and Auschwitz Co ja tu robię? [Auschwitz. What Am I Doing Here?] (2010) He has published three interview books: Ocaleni z XX wieku [Rescued from the 20th Century] (2012), Oskarżam Auschwitz. Opowieści rodzinne [I Accuse Auschwitz. Family Stories] (2014) and Księga wyjścia [The Book of Exodus] (2018) and two prose books: Rejwach [Hullabaloo] (2017) and Poufne [Confidential] (2020). His long-time subject of interest is the history of Polish Jews. In all of his works, he assumes a special perspective of dialogue, focusing on meeting others and opening up to their personal experiences and stories. He was nominated for the Julian Tuwim Literary Award for his lifetime achievements (2019) and shortlisted for the Nike Award (2018). His book Rejwach [Hullabaloo] won the title of Warsaw Literary Premiere granted by the Bookseller’s Club.

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