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A Queer Reading Lesson with Joanna Ostrowska

A Queer Reading Lesson with Joanna Ostrowska

Text: Jack Halberstam, “The Killer in Me Is the Killer in You”: Homosexuality and Fascism, id. The Queer Art of Failure, translated by Mikołaj Denderski

Since the very first edition of the Conrad Festival, we have been organising reading classes for young people. By means of these workshops, we present, on the one hand, works that go beyond the canon of required reading, and on the other, approaches to reading that enable a better understanding of one’s own experiences through the languages inherent in literature. We understand the latter as integral to our way of life, an indelible foundation on which our existence is based. This year, the Reading Lessons will also aim to promote tolerance and inclusive ways of communication and to counteract all forms of discrimination. Young people – mainly from secondary schools in Kraków and Małopolska – are invited to five meetings devoted to literature about the experiences of LGBTQA+ people.

25 October, at 12:00


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