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About People that No One Cares About. Meeting with Óscar Martínez

About People that No One Cares About. Meeting with Óscar Martínez

Host: Tomasz Pindel

In his book The Beast: Riding the Rails and Dodging Narcos on the Migrant Trail, Óscar Martínez recalls the words of a friendly priest who helps Central American migrants that risk their lives in trying to cross Mexican territory on their way to the US: “If they are prepared to go through all this, then what is the life they are fleeing from like?” And they go through rape, kidnapping, extortion of protection money, days of hunger and many more destructive experiences... Hardly anyone cares about them, just as about those who remained back home: in El Salvador, Honduras or Guatemala. They pass from hell to hell – to a world where they are reserved a place on the margins of society. It is about these people that the Salvadoran investigative journalist tells his story – a man who one day came to the conclusion that keeping silent on this topic simply meant complicity in a crime.

24 October, at 20:00


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