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An Unpalatable Family. Meeting with Shalom Auslander

An Unpalatable Family. Meeting with Shalom Auslander

Host: Maciej Stroiński

The experience that underlies Shalom Auslander’s work can be described by the well-known formula: to go beyond a system, one must first have one. Hailing from an Orthodox Jewish family, Auslander first followed the traditional path of Talmudic studies and then ripped apart the boundaries of the conservative world to which he had belonged since birth. In his short stories, novels and memoirs, he depicts radical forms of religiosity, revealing the various mechanisms of enslavement that drive the individual to total subordination to a community of believers. He works methodically: by means of satire, he neutralises the forces that had determined his life and this way gives us to understand that, although difficult and lengthy, it is a manageable task.


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