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Ancient Communities. Meeting with Ewa Klekot and Andrzej Muszyński

Ancient Communities. Meeting with Ewa Klekot and Andrzej Muszyński

Host: Andrzej Marzec

When we think of our ancestors, we usually cast our minds (or, if that is not enough, our imaginations) back to the not-so-distant past. Which earlier generation marks an impassable line beyond which our consciousness cannot go? That of our grandfathers? Our great-grandmothers? Sometimes we manage to delve deeper into the past, when in family or official documents we find references to relatives who lived several hundred years ago. But the relay of generations began much earlier – in prehistoric times. The very term – prehistory – proves that there is no room for our ancestors in our stories. With Ewa Klekot and Andrzej Muszyński, we will talk about ancient communities, the reasons why we should care about them, and the ways in which we can form bonds with them.


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