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Connecting Emerging Literary Artists 2018–2023 (CELA)Connecting Emerging Literary Artists. New Voices from Europe, or a Literary Soiree at the Potocki Palace & Open Mic

Connecting Emerging Literary Artists. New Voices from Europe, or a Literary Soiree at the Potocki Palace & Open Mic

Participants: Gabriel Borowski, Daniela Costa, Nikki Dekker, Joanna Gierak-Onoszko, Anna Beata Háblová, Urszula Jabłońska, Aleksandra Lipczak, Olga Niziołek, Agata Wróbel
What an evening it will be! In the elegant chambers of the Potocki Palace, in its gallery, in the library and even in the courtyard, there will be a performative reading of pre-release texts – extracts from novels, short stories and journalism. The texts will be read by the following: Nikki Dekker, a writer and podcaster from the Netherlands, author of a collection of essays and poetry, and who is currently working on her debut novel; Anna Beata Háblová, a Czech poet, organiser of cultural activities, performer and architect; Daniela Costa, a writer from Portugal who writes memoirs for other people on an everyday basis. The authors will present the texts in their native languages, while the Polish translation will be read by translators Olga Niziołek (Dutch), Agata Wróbel (Czech) and Gabriel Borowski (Portuguese).

At the same time, three reporters will read their texts: Joanna Gierak-Onoszko, Aleksandra Lipczak and Urszula Jabłońska.

While strolling between rooms and listening to oral and musical interpretations of prose and journalism, we might wander by chance into the Room of Free Words, where everyone will have an opportunity to take up the mic and read their own texts – in accordance with open mic rules. Before this happens, however, we will all meet at 6 pm in the palace foyer to welcome our artists over a glass of wine and find out more about the idea behind the CELA programme (and how to get in!).

The creators participating in the CELA project can be found at: 



28 October, at 18:00 Potocki Palace


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