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Pasma towarzyszące


film seriesGodland

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film seriesLes Jeux à deux

Les Jeux à deux

dir. Friederike Beck, Germany 1995

Host: Friederike Beck

In the 1950s, Unica Zürn was enchanted by the writings of the Parisian Surrealists: in her poems and prose, she described her alienation from reality and her inner turmoil. When in 1970 she threw herself from the apartment window of her partner, the painter and sculptor Hans Bellmer, she was almost unknown in her native Germany. Her work only began to attract attention in the 1980s.

The semi-documentary film Les Jeux à deux is based on original texts by Unica Zürn and Hans Bellmer. Interviews with contemporaries of the film’s protagonists are woven into fictional scenes recounting their relationship and go back to the writer’s childhood. “Discovering innocence and pushing boundaries, self-creation and self-destruction played an important role in the life and work of Unica Zürn, and for me, as a young student, they were so fascinating that I decided to take a closer look at them and make them the subject of my film.” (Friederike Beck). The Nuremberg House in Kraków is a partner of the event.

*ticketed screening


27 October, at 21:00 Pod Baranami Cinema


film seriesNovember

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