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Literary Empathy | Jankowicz | Saunders

Literary Empathy | Jankowicz | Saunders

In one of his essays, George Saunders compares a literary text to a black box that we enter while reading. It resembles a laboratory experiment that offers us new possibilities. Against the first associations, the black colour of the box does not portend anything bad. Saunders believes that poems, short stories and novels are sensory chambers in which our emotional system is influenced by various impulses. Once the reading is over – and if the process is successful – we become different people. There are few creators so utterly convinced of the beneficial impact of literature on our lives. But what does this mean? What kind of impact are we talking about exactly? Is there any proof of any ingenious text that has caused a positive change of such significance both for individuals and social groups? We will talk to George Saunders about the various benefits that we owe to literature.

The meeting is available at:

FB Conrad Festival, 
FB Tygodnik Powszechny 
- YouTube  

23 October, at 20:00 online


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