Conrad Festival 2016

The leading motif of this year’s edition is intensity, understood both as passion and unwavering commitment to the common matter of culture.
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Love in dark times. A meeting with Colm Tóibín

Love in dark times. A meeting with Colm Tóibín

In an interview, Colm Tóibín – one of the greatest contemporary Irish writers – said that the motif of death and mourning is deeply ingrained in his literary DNA and that is why he obsessively returns to it in each of his novels. Tóibín can, like no one else, subtly manipulate the whole spectrum of shades of sadness and other emotions. As a result – and this is the manifestation of the beauty and paradox of literature – his prose brings relief and comfort.

Host: Robert Kusek

Consecutive interpretation from English

26 October, at 19:00 Czeczotka Palace

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