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Nicolas Presl

Nicolas Presl

The Son of His Father
The Son of His Father is both the title of an exhibition presenting original cartoon boards created by Nicolas Presl and the title of the album that is coming out this winter under the imprint of the LOKATOR publishing house, as part of the Melancholy series.
The Le fils de l’ours père (The Son of His Father, LOKATOR 2013) comic book, published in France in 2010, is the artistic and comic-book debut of the author of Fabrica [Factory] and Divine colonie [Divine Colony] – albums already known to Polish readers.
Just like in most of his albums, the author raises the issue of otherness and the lack of acceptance. I often talk about the inconveniences of being a misfit. It is hard for me to accept a situation in which someone is being rejected because they are different. It seems that this is a hackneyed topic, but we are surrounded by people filled with resentment, ready to pass judgment for no reason at all. I feel an overwhelming need to manifest my opposition to this type of thinking and behaviour.
Nicolas Presl comes from France, he was born in Vendee in 1976. And as he says himself: I developed a language similar to myself, it corresponds to my beliefs and expectations. I wanted to create a way of storytelling that would invite the reader to re-read, in order to increase the pleasure derived from reading.

25 October, at 00:00 Arteteka Wojewódzkiej Biblioteki Publicznej w Krakowie, ul. Rajska 12

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