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Pasma towarzyszące


film seriesGodland

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film seriesLes Jeux à deux

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film seriesNovember


dir. Rainer Sarnet, Estonia, Holandia, Polska / Estonia, Netherlands, Poland 2017

Introduction: Grzegorz Fortuna

A dark tale, an original horror film and a love story. A one-of-a-kind cinematic mixture evoking medieval folklore in a highly original way that is impossible to imitate. Steeped in local beliefs, it tells the story of Estonian villagers trying to survive winter and, against this backdrop, a young couple struggling with love problems. Beautiful cinematography by Mart Taniel and awesome music by Jacaszek. The film is based on the Estonian bestseller Rehepapp ehk November by Andrus Kivirähk.

*ticketed screening


28 October, at 21:00 Pod Baranami Cinema

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