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book industriesPublishing Trends, or News from the Literary Market | Cieślik | Dębowska | Draga | Wilk

Publishing Trends, or News from the Literary Market | Cieślik | Dębowska | Draga | Wilk

Discussion: Krzysztof Cieślik, Magdalena Dębowska, Sonia Draga

Host: Marcin Wilk

Why are certain genres and literary topics popular and why do they disappear as fast as they arise? What shapes readers’ tastes? To what extent are our literary choices truly ours, rather than the result of precisely formulated marketing strategies of publishers? Fast-changing publishing trends which decide which books find their way to online bookshops and when are just one of the problems facing Polish publishers. We will also discuss the
role played by state institutions and their influence on the book market. Is supporting publishing houses and authors an important element of governmental policies? Or are we in reality left at the mercy of the invisible hand of the free market?

23 October, at 16:00 De Revolutionibus Books&Cafe

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