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Relations, Relationships, Dependencies. Meeting with Leïla Slimani

Relations, Relationships, Dependencies. Meeting with Leïla Slimani

Host: Agnieszka Rasińska-Bóbr

According to Leïla Slimani, literature has an extremely important role to play, which is why it must not get side-tracked by minor issues, nor negotiate with the forces that want to turn it into a propaganda mouthpiece. In her works, she shows the impact of cultural, political and economic processes on the lives of contemporary people, especially those who are stigmatised as misfits by Western societies. Her favourite fields of literary exploration are love and family relationships, which at first glance seem simple and stable, but in reality assume complicated forms of destructive dependency. The individual, though always responsible for his or her actions, is not the only perpetrator here. Literature exposes the social mechanisms that induce people to commit these deeds.


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