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Silesianness Wanted Immediately Meeting with Zbigniew Rokita

Silesianness Wanted Immediately Meeting with Zbigniew Rokita

Host: Amelia Sarnowska

Like any category of identity, Silesianness appears coherent only from the outside, especially to those who think about communities based on the strict “us–them” opposition. Of course, it is also possible to build such an image from the inside, e.g. for political purposes – but at the cost of simplification and concealment. Zbigniew Rokita is primarily interested in differences and discontinuities. In his account of Upper Silesia, he focuses on the complex fates of individuals and groups who once inhabited this land, and then – as a result of political coups and the calamities of war – had to adapt themselves to newly imposed borders. With Rokita, we will talk about what Silesian history teaches us about identity, the nature of social conflicts, cultural narcissism and irony as a defence strategy.


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