Conrad Festival 2015

Almost 150 guests, around a hundred events, busy accompanying cycles - for the seventh time, guests from Poland and abroad come to Kraków to celebrate the annual festival of literature (19-25 October).
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The Correction of the World. A meeting with Jonathan Franzen

The Correction of the World. A meeting with Jonathan Franzen

When Time magazine decided to put Jonathan Franzen on its cover with the caption “Great American Novelist”, it wasn’t just a marketing gimmick. The author of The Corrections has earned the title by being a keen observer of modernity. Family is always the lens, through which he looks at reality. Thanks to such an intimate and somewhat old-fashioned perspective (which, after all, is influenced by the best traditions of Mann or Tolstoy), the novel – paradoxically – has started to once again play an extremely important role in critical thinking about the modern world.

Moderator: Grzegorz Jankowicz

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24 October, at 20:00 The Palace Under the Rams

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