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The Hell of Two People Is Hotter. Meeting with Ayfer Tunç

The Hell of Two People Is Hotter. Meeting with Ayfer Tunç

Host: Agnieszka Erdoğan

We borrowed the title of this meeting from one of Ayfer Tunç’s texts included in the book Memleket Hikâyeleri (Homeland Stories). It is hard to say whether this is a short story or a piece of journalism. It seems more like a mixture of both. It is an attempt to offer a sociological portrait of the various phenomena that define today’s Turkish community. Attached to religion, seemingly good-hearted people constantly debate the superiority of one race over another. This is a defence mechanism and a way of distinguishing themselves from others – after all, representatives of different cultures live side by side. What divides and what unites them? Do they have a sense of belonging to one national community? Are they ready to work together, and under what circumstances? We will talk with Tunç about the historical, cultural and political determinants of today’s Turkey.


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