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book industriesUkraine: what next? How to support the Ukrainian book industry and cultural audiences?

Ukraine: what next? How to support the Ukrainian book industry and cultural audiences?

Publishers’ and librarians’ perspective

Participants: Maria Deskur, Ola Kowal, Tomasz Makowski, Katarzyna Sienkiewicz-Kosik,  Mila Radchenko, Nadiia Moroz-Olshanska

Local governments’ perspective

Participants: Bogdana Brylynska (Lviv – UNESCO City of Literature), Katarzyna Janusik (Wrocław Literature House), Barbara Frydrych (Municipality of Gdańsk), Robert Piaskowski (Municipality of Kraków)

Host: Aleksandra Lipczak

The war in Ukraine has brought many foreign-language authors and a large cultural audience to Poland. Very quickly, local governments, publishers, cultural institutions and NGOs have launched numerous initiatives to meet the needs of these newly arrived readers, authors and translators. In addition, many have become involved in assisting publishers and libraries locally. How to continue these activities so that they are as effective as possible and tailored to the needs of Ukrainian audiences?

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