The 10th anniversary of „Ryms”

Venue: Księgarnia Bona
Age: 4+
Opening of the exhibition: 26 October 2017, 16:00
Exhibition open until 6 November 2017.

No doubt, today „Ryms” is the leading Polish magazine about literature for children and youth. Its content and intellectual depth is enhanced by its beautiful form seen already when looking at the cover. On the 10th anniversary of the magazine, Bona bookshop displays all the covers of so far published issues of the magazine.

The inauguration of an exhibition of covers of the most opinion-making magazine about children’s literature, obviously beautifully illustrated. Anna Chmielnik, Joanna Gębal, Tomasz Kaczkowski, Agata Królak, Katarzyna Olbrycht, Józef Wilkoń and other artists have collaborated with „Ryms”.