A long, long time ago…

The Bible according Serge Bloch and Frédéric Boyer

Venue: Wyspiański Pavilion
Age: 0+
Opening of the exhibition: 27 October 2017, 19:00
Exhibition open since 23 October until 12 November 2017.

We invite you to visit the exhibition that has turned the Wyspiański Pavilion into a Tower of Babel. The exhibition is open from 27 October to 12 November. It is inspired by the book based on the Bible: In the beginning. Illustrated stories from the Old Testament by Frédéric Boyer, with  Serge Bloch’s illustrations.

The interactive comic exhibition, with suggestive graphic art will take you to the world of epic created 3000 years ago. Nine artistic installations will show the creation of the world in 2D, a fifty-metre long mural and the re-created and re-interpreted Tower of Babel. The authors do not soften the biblical stories, the greatest dramas and love stories of the Old Testament, but they talk about them in such a way that we can see ourselves and the world in which we live in them. The suggestive, fresh interpretation by Fredéric Boyer and Serge Bloch shows the biblical stories talking about freedom and responsibility, war and power, expulsion and migrations. Audiovisual installations present the most moving stories of the Old Testament using Bloch’s modern black-and-white drawings and excerpts from Boyer’s text.

We will never know how it all began. According to the Old Testament, the world was created in six days, by naming things to call them into existence. At the beginning of the journey, we will learn from the audiovisual installation that the Hebrew word adam in the Book of Genesis meant a community, both women and men. Only in the second biblical account individual features are given to humanity, freeing it from solitude by splitting into genders. Further on, typographic animation tells the most enigmatic book of the Old Testament – The Song of Songs. Brief comic strips and cartoons based on the book tell the story of Abel killed by Cain and the sacrifice and unshaken faith of Job. The exhibition allows us to drift along the timeless stories about human hopes, tragedies and passions, to take us on the Exodus, and by this experience to look at the most important biblical stories from another perspective. The texts written centuries ago suddenly turn out surprisingly topical.