Many festival events will be held in exhibition spaces. Participants of the Festival will have an opportunity to visit the Museum of the History of Photography, the Art Bunker Contemporary Art Gallery, the Gallery of the Faculty of Art of the Pedagogical University and the club-café Lokator.

Pulling (Back) the Wool Over Your Eyes
Venue:Muzeum Historii Fotografii

Exhibition open until: 8.01.2017 

A fascinating play between reality, images and optical illusions. Our eyesight is undeniably the most important sense in learning about the world. We are always sure that we control it and that it is no mystery to us. The Pulling (Back) the Wool Over Your Eyes exhibition aims at destroying this reassuring, yet unjustified conviction.

The exhibition was designed as a trip through many perception traps, which will provide a lot of fun to the visitors, but at the same time will inspire deeper reflection regarding the eyesight and broadly understood seeing. The visitors of the Museum of History of Photography will see the illusions of colours and space, reality and its images, and will experience numerous and various optical illusions.

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Snakes, Daggers and Rose Petals
Venue: Galeria Sztuki Współczesnej „Bunkier Sztuki”

Exhibition open until: 11.12.2016

The Snakes, Daggers and Rose Petals exhibition comprises various projects by illustrators of the young generation, presenting them in dialogue with the inspiring tradition of the Polish School of Illustration. It also demonstrates a movement in the opposite direction, thus reopening the closed chapter in the history of this branch of visual arts and confronting it with the living tissue of contemporary illustrations. The works, prepared for the exhibition by the contemporary creators correspond to the works of classics, such as Bohdan Butenko, Edward Krasiński, Adam Macedoński, Stefan Papp or Franciszka and Stefan Themerson, thus revealing their points of contact, such as similar strategies of working with the text.

Artists: Jan Bajtlik, Dominika Bobulska, Katarzyna Bogucka, Tymoteusz Borowski, Bohdan Butenko, Bolesław Chromry, Agata Dudek, Grupa Maszin (Daniel Gutowski, Mikołaj Tkacz, Jacek Świdziński, Michał Rzecznik), Marta Ignerska, Tymek Jezierski, Edward Krasiński, Aleksandra Lampart, Adam Macedoński, Aleksandra Niepsuj, Stefan Papp, Alicja Pismenko, Bianka Rolando, Magdalena Sawicka, Franciszka i Stefan Themersonowie, Xavery Deskur Wolski, Bartosz Zaskórski.

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Exhibition of illustrations by Guido Van Genechten
Venue: Galeria Wydziału Sztuki Uniwersytetu Pedagogicznego w Krakowie

Exhibition open: 21-31.10.2016

Guido Van Genechten worked as a graphic artist in many publishing houses. Now he works as a fulltime illustrator of children’s books. In 1998 he won the international Illustrator’s Award City of Hasselt with his picture book Rikki. This prize was the beginning of his international career as a children’s book illustrator. In 2007 he won the Reader’s Digest Award for Best Children’s Book Illustrator and his book Little Kangaroo was declared Best Picture Book of the Year 2007. Van Genechten is an author of many bestsellers, and in the last decade his books were published in 40 countries around the world.


GOT/THREE/BOOKS - an exhibition of illustrations
Venue: Lokator

Opening: 23.10, 14:00
Exhibition open until: 6.11.2016

Workshops around the books: Look into the Sky by Joanna Gębal, Monika Zborowska and Jakub Kołodziejczyk.

“Readership” starts as early as in the cradle, long before children are actually able to start reading on their own. A good selection of books, suitable for the skills and capabilities of the young reader, developing their emotions and linguistic competencies may become a great guide, helping them to discover and learn about the surrounding world. The beautiful illustrations, which are often their first invitation to the world of art, stimulate imagination and inspire artistic practices.  The exhibition of book illustrations was prepared with the youngest readers in mind - those, who set their first steps in the literary world. The exhibition will present the works which won the first edition of the competition, aimed at designing a “reader’s starter kit” - a set of three books for children, which are supposed to grow with them, from the first months of their life to kindergarten.