21 September 2012 A music event during the Conrad Festival

Forget – a new musical and literary project of Zuzanna and Barbara Wrońskies’ Ballady i Romanse ensamble will have its first preview during the Conrad Festival in October this year. Good news don’t end here: the artists, recognised one of the most interesting music phenomena of the alternative scene will perform for the first time with Artur Rojek – a composer, vocalist, author of lyrics, and a guitarist, former member of such bands as Myslovitz and Lenny Valentino. ATTENTION: This is going to be Artur Rojek’s first performance without Myslovitz. Igor Boxx, the founder of the legendary Wroclaw Skalpel duo has also announced his participation in the project.
Forget – a joint-venture of the leading artists of the alternative, electronic, and rock scene in combination with literary and poetic texts not only will be a music premiere, but also a meeting of renown artists navigating different trends and aesthetics. As regards its textual side, the project shall present literary texts highlighting the connection with the festival of literature (among others, poetic lyrics of the Wrońskie sisters, but also Czesław Miłosz’s poems). Musically, it will be based on energetic, strongly rhythmic and ambient compositions, but also on sonic landscapes inspired by traditions of krautrock, jazz, hip-hop, avant-garde, or film music.

The concert starts at 9.30 p.m. in Małopolski Ogrod Sztuki (ul. Rajska 12). Tickets will be available to the public as of 24th September via www.eventim.pl and at three City Information points in Krakow: at ul. św. Jana 2, at the Tourist Service Centre (ul. Powiśle 11), and at the Wyspiański Pavilion (pl. Wszystkich Świętych 2). Price: PLN 30 (regular) and PLN 20 (discount).