25 September 2012 Zygmunt Miłoszewski's Ziarno prawdy nominated to the Great Caliber Award

Zygmunt Miłoszewski’s book, Ziarno prawdy [A Grain of Truth], received a nomination for the major crime fiction award in Poland - the Great Caliber Award presented by the jury of the International Crime Fiction Festival in Wrocław. The winner will be announced on the 20th of October during the Great Caliber Gala in Wrocław. Let us recall that Zygmunt Miłoszewski will be a guest of this year's edition of the Conrad Festival. Come and join us for a meeting with the author of Ziarno prawdy on Tuesday, the 23rd of October, at high noon in the Pod Baranami Palace.

As many as nine novels are in the running for the Great Caliber Award this year. It's going to be a much tougher choice for the jury. This year, you will also be able to award your own Readers’ Choice award.

The following novels are nominated for the Great Caliber Award:
1. Mariusz Czubaj, Kołysanka dla mordercy (W.A.B., Warszawa 2011)
2. Wiktor Hagen, Długi weekend (W.A.B., Warszawa 2011)
3. Marek Harny, W imię zasad (Prószyński i S-ka, Warszawa 2011)
4. Katarzyna Kwiatkowska, Zbrodnia w błękicie (Zysk i S-ka, Poznań 2011)
5. Zygmunt Miłoszewski, Ziarno prawdy (W.A.B., Warszawa 2011)
6. Vincent V. Severski, Nielegalni (Czarna Owca, Warszawa 2011)
7. Jakub Szamałek, Kiedy Atena odwraca wzrok (MUZA SA, Warszawa 2011)
8. Paweł Szlachetko, Wichrołak (MUZA SA, Warszawa 2011)
9. Marcin Wroński, A na imię jej będzie Aniela (W.A.B., Warszawa 2011)

Readers can vote for their chosen novel by sending a text message to 669920189. The body of the message should read as follows: the number of the nominated book space title (no Polish characters) space contact details (first name, last name, address). Please remember: only one text message per person is allowed! The cost equals the cost of a text message depending on the operator and the tariff chosen. You can cast your votes until the 14th of October. The winner of the Readers’ Choice Award will be announced during the Great Caliber Award Gala, and twenty crime books will go to voters selected in a random draw.

Read more about the nominated novels.

Previous winners of the Great Caliber Award include: Marek Krajewski, Paweł Jaszczuk, Marek Harny, Marcin Świetlicki, Zygmunt Miłoszewski, Mariusz Czubaj, Joanna Jodełka, and Gaja Grzegorzewska.

Zygmunt Miłoszewski, Ziarno prawdy – a long-awaited sequel to the bestselling Uwikłanie [Entanglement]. It's the spring of 2009; prosecutor Szacki no longer works in Warsaw, having bidden farewell to his past and his career, he relocated to Sandomierz. He starts out on a "brave new life"; but is soon in for disappointment. In the unfamiliar and menacing reality of Sandomierz, the embittered Szacki conducts an investigation into a curious murder case, whose victim is a local social activist, a respected and esteemed woman of impeccable reputation. The investigation comes up against towering obstacles and a solid wall of silence, even as it becomes the focus of a media frenzy. The events are set in the context of the painful tangle of Polish-Jewish relations and connect with a story which unfolded more than sixty years before...

Zygmunt Miłoszewski – journalist, author of crime novels featuring prosecutor Teodor Szacki: Uwikłanie (2007) and Ziarno prawdy (2011), a children's book entitled Góry Żmijowe (2006), and a horror story, Domofon (2005), which draws on the conventions of Anglo-Saxon horror literature to depict the reality of an apartment block neighbourhood in Warsaw. A former court reporter, journalist, and Newsweek columnist, Miłoszewski cooperates with the Polygamia.pl portal. He has been hailed by the critics as the "Polish Stephen King". Awards and nominations: special mention in the Kornel Makuszyński Literary Award competition for Góry Żmijowe (2006), the Great Caliber Award for the best crime and action novel (2008), nomination to the Polityka's Passport Award 2007 for Uwikłanie. The cinema adaptation of the latter novel, directed by Jacek Bromski, got favourable reviews from critics and cinema-goers alike. The rights to a film adaptation of Domofon were acquired by the Zebra Film Studio.