22 October 2012 I can write and this is absolutely sufficient

I could not write for a very long time and I mean it literally. I had difficulty reading, but my writing skills were much worse. If I was to make a sentence, I would search my memory for the shortest possible synonyms. I preferred to write "car" instead of  "automobile" in order to reduce the effort. That is why I wrote even slower, because I had to consider the length of words. I stopped writing mirror images of letters and making spelling mistakes as late as in high school. This was not about being lazy. I was lacking something, I was not able to deal with it. Then, with time, the problem solved itself – says Magdalena Tulli in Dorota Wodecka’s interview in last weekend’s edition of Gazeta Wyborcza.

You do not have any background in literature studies, do you? – asks Dorota Wodecka No, I don’t – replies Magdalena Tulli. – I can write and this is absolutely sufficient. If a bird is to fly, the knowledge of the physics of flight is not necessary.

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