25 October 2012 Poland. In search of diamonds

On the 26th of October, at 7 p.m., a meeting promoting Polska. W poszukiwaniu diamentów, a book of photos by Tomasz Wiech, will take place at the PAUZA club in Krakow. The meeting will be hosted by Dorota Jędruch from the National Museum.

Polska. W poszukiwaniu diamentów, the first book of photos by Tomasz Wiech, takes the reader to places that are not always located by the main roads of Poland. Many of them are not to be found neither in the popular nor in the alternative guidebooks. The photos by Tomasz Wiech and the texts by Michał Olszewski create a new list of top destinations. On their list, the Malbork castle, the Sopot pier and the Wawel castle are replaced with Szczucin, Zabrze, or Szaflary. Tourist attractions include garden gnomes, wisents, tacky signboards, dinosaurs and the world’s biggest figure of Jesus. This journey is full of autumn, but is also colourful; sad, but sometimes funny. The views we go by tell of our dreams, aspirations and longings.

Tygodnik Powszechny is a patron of the book.

Photos: Tomasz Wiech
Text: Michał Olszewski
Graphic design: Wojciech Kwiecień-Janikowski
Editing: Anna Grajewska
Size: 18 x 22 cm