14 May 2013 The Writing Freedom conference will begin

At 2 p.m., a special international conference of ICORN and PEN International WiPC – the most important international institutions embracing writers from all over the world and promoting human rights – will be held in Krakow. For four days, the Writing Freedom conference will be attended by 200 guests from 50 countries, including the: United States, Canada, Syria, Philippines, India, Eritrea, Ivory Coast, Mexico, Bahrain, China, and Sri Lanka. At 6.30 p.m., Timothy Garton Ash, Professor the University of Oxford, will deliver the inaugural lecture entitled Free Speech in a Crowded World. We invite you to the assembly hall of the Collegium Novum, where the conference will be held.

The full programme of the conference can be found at: www.readingmalopolska.pl

The Writing Freedom conference is organised as a part of the Reading Małopolska programme, supported by the Malopolska Regional Operational Programme for 2007-2013. Within the programme the region of Małopolska and its capital Krakow want to communicate their literary heritage and engage in creating networks of freedom and cooperation for regions creative in the field of literature.