17 May 2013 A Poetry Weekend at Pauza in Garden

The Pauza in Garden café, situated on level -1 of the Malopolska Garden of Arts (ul. Rajska 12), where the Miłosz Festival Centre has its headquarters, would like to invite to a poetry weekend. The schedule includes night time poetry readings, workshops for children and a book collection for one of the Krakow orphanages. You are most welcome! All events are free of charge!

Tomorrow, (Saturday, the 18th of May) – Młodzi czytają nocą Miłosza [The Young Read Miłosz at Night], a poetry meeting during which the poems of the Nobel Prize winner will be read by Krakow actors and students of the Ludwik Solski Academy for the Dramatic Arts will take place at 11 p.m. The poems will be heard everywhere. Also, a live video connection with Moscow is planned.

The day after tomorrow (Sunday, 19th the May) – Bajkowy Ogród Miłosza [Miłosz’s Fairy Tale Garden]. The poets works for children will be read by Marta Mazurek, Grand Prix winner at this year’s Festiwal Szkół Teatralnych [Threatre School Festival] in Łódź at 2 p.m. The programme will include fairy tales, games, workshops, delicious snacks prepared by Głodne Kawałki and many surprises. Bajkowy Ogród Miłosza – is the first event in a series for children organised by Pauza in Garden. The café decided to take advantage of Miłosz Festival idea and contribute an event of their own. This Sunday, children of all ages and their parents will have a chance to meet during a picnic with poetry and fairy tales. Everyone will find something for themselves. Older children will be able to listen to Miłosz’s poems read by Marta Mazurek, while for the youngest ones, there will be numerous attractions such as fairy tales and surprise games. A mini book fair for children, during which Krakow publishing houses will present their offers, will be an important part of the picnic. Parents will be able to expand their knowledge on the newest releases and take the idea of reading out loud home.

Also, a collection of books for one of the Krakow orphanages will take place during Bajkowy Ogród Miłosza. We would like to encourage all children and parents to donate books, tales, stories and toys which are not used any more. The organisers will forward them into the good hand of those who will gladly use them again.