2 July 2013 Reading Małopolska on Radio Kraków

Where did Jan Sztaudynger spend his holiday as a little boy? Why do the inhabitants of Krzeszowice know very well what happens in Sorrento? Where does one of Tadeusz Kantor’s ‘impossible monuments’ stand? Who used to visit Goszyce during the war? You can ask dozens of literary questions in Malopolska. Learn new trails and sensational facts. This year we are discovering unknown literary routes. Reading Małopolska will be present on Radio Kraków during the entire vacation. Partners of the campaign are the Krakow Festival Office and www.readingmalopolska.pl.

9 weeks – 9 routes

During the entire vacation we will walk along literary routes together with a reporter of Radio Kraków in search of trails that were left by the greatest Polish writers and creators in Malopolska.

In each vacation week, we propose a different literary route: the environs of Krakow, the Krynica surroundings, literary walks across Zakopane and Zakopane villas, Tarnów, southern and eastern Malopolska as well as mountainous routes and summer resorts. Each route will include both places associated with literary characters, protagonists and events and places where writers lived, stayed and worked. We will learn unknown facts from their life and literary legends with excellent literature in the background. We will inquire and ask about and reconstruct past events. Reports from literary wanderings from Monday till Friday on Radio Kraków, descriptions of visited places and photographs will be available in a special section at www.radiokrakow.pl and at www.readingmalopolska.pl. All places visited, discovered and described by us will be marked on the literary map of Malopolska.

Competition for literary trackers

We encourage you to keep track and follow the route of the reporter of Radio Kraków. Those who will visit at least two places on the routes indicated by us and will send their photos will receive sets of books from us. Your photo stories and reports will be published on Radio Kraków. Competition details and rules: www.radiokrakow.pl

The project Literacka Małopolska is co-financed by the European Union as part of the The Malopolska Regional Operational Programme 2007-2013 ERDF.