15 November 2013 Åsa Larsson in Dziennik Polski

Åsa Larsson – one of the most popular Swedish writers, called the queen of crime fiction, writes – as befits a Swede – best-selling crime novels. She came to Krakow to take part in the Conrad Festival and reveal why Scandinavians know so much about crime. The interview with the writer was conducted by Rafał Stanowski and you can read it in today’s issue of Dziennik Polski.

- Why do the Scandinavians write such good crime novels?

- We do? (Åsa Larsson snacks on a cookie)

- Definitely. This is evident for example by the fact that books by the Scandinavians, including yourself, are published all over the world. And they are best-sellers.

- But this does not prove that we write well. It may be that we have had some really great authors of crime fiction, such as Henning Mankell or Stieg Larsson – they paved the way. After that, publishing houses began to look for more authors from this circle. More and more people who wanted to write something began to create and the market developed.

- This is a very modest approach. But your crime novels read with bated breath!

- I will use a sports-related comparison. There are countries that have great skiers, such as Norway; the Russians, for instance, have amazing gymnasts, and the Chinese play table tennis on a large scale. And Scandinavia writes crime novels.

We encourage you to read the entire interview with the writer.