23 January 2014 Events on the second anniversary of Wisława Szymborska’s death

The 1st of February marks the second anniversary of Wisława Szymborska’s death. In cooperation with cultural institutions, the foundation named after the poet has planned events commemorating the Nobel Prize winner and her works.

On Monday (the 27th of January), we would like to invite everyone to Zakopane for the celebrations commemorating Wisława Szymborska’s stay at the Astoria Stefan Żeromski House of Creative Work, during which the Poet found out that she was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature. For more information about the event, please visit www.readingmalopolska.pl.

Two days later (Wednesday, the 29th of January), as part of the Irena Jun and Poets series, you will have the opportunity to hear Wisława Szymborska’s poems in the actress’ interpretation at the Studio Theatre. The meeting is announced as an event combining theatre, concert, and performance elements, and the actress’ guest will be Krystyna Dąbrowska, winner of the 1st edition of the Wisława Szymborska Award.

On the 1st of February, an evening dedicated to the memory of Wisława Szymborska has been planned at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCAK) in Krakow. Invited guests – friends of Wisława Szymborska, the Foundation, and MOCAK – will have the chance to hear the Nobel Prize winner's poems in the interpretation of Juliusz Słowacki Theatre actress Dominika Bednarczyk and Stary Theatre actor Adam Nawojczyk. A word of introduction about Szymborska – the poet and Szymborska – the creator of collages will be delivered by Tadeusz Nyczek. We will also see Lars Helander’s documentary dedicated to the Nobel Prize winner. The finale of the event will include the inauguration of an exhibition of collages created by the Poet. Works presented at the exhibition come from the Poet’s friends’ private collections and the collection of the Wisława Szymborska Foundation.

For more information, please visit instytutksiazki.pl

Pic. Tomasz Wiech