9 October 2014 Literature and art

Franz Kafka’s gloomy visions presented in the form of a comic story, imaginative book illustrations for children, mythic Galicia as a space of intermixing cultures – these are three amazing worlds that can be visited at exhibitions accompanying the 6th Conrad Festival.

From 10 October 2014 to 8 March 2015, the International Cultural Centre invites you to The Myth of Galicia exhibition

Why does Galicia still have a special place in our memory? How can we explain the nostalgia for Franz Joseph, the good Emperor? The exhibition is an attempt to reinterpret the myth of Galicia, based on historical facts, in the context of geopolitical transformations, in the sphere of art, but also everyday cultural practice. It portrays mythic Galicia from different perspectives – Polish, Ukrainian, Austrian, and Jewish. It comprises approximately 600 exhibits from Polish, Austrian, and Ukrainian collections.

Special guided tours: (free guided tours with ticket purchase):
24 October (Friday): 4 am
25 October (Saturday): 12 noon
26 October (Sunday): 12 noon

From 17 October to 14 November 2014, A Well Designed Book – Let’s Start with Children exhibition will be open to visitors at the ZNACZY SIĘ New Art Foundation Gallery.

For the fourth time, the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice has organised a competition for the best children’s book project. Its am is not only to promote noteworthy authors, but also to disseminate standards that should be observed when designing children books. It has become a tradition for the post-competition exhibition to be held in Krakow during the Conrad Festival in October. All enthusiasts of beautiful books are most welcome.

From 22 October to 13 November 2014, the Arteteka of the Regional Public Library (12 Rajska Street) will host the exhibition K: KafKa in KomiKs.

Recently distinguished by prestigious European Design Awards, the K: KafKa w KomiKsie exhibition presents drawings and objects inspired by the life and works of Franz Kafka. It was created to mark 90 years since the writer’s death. The exhibition comprises fragments of comic-style interpretations of The Trial prepared by curator David Zane Mairowitz and French graphic artist Chantal Monpellier, as well as comic-style interpretations of The Castle – a result of cooperation with the Czech artist Jaromir 99. There are also drawings, created by New York underground cartoonist Robert Crumb, presenting the biographical story of the author of Amerika. The exhibition was produced by Literaturhaus in Stuttgart.

The official opening is scheduled for 22 October at 5 pm. Afterwards, we invite you to a meeting with the exhibition curators, David Mairowitz and Małgorzata Żerwe.

Exhibition organiser: Nuremberg House in Krakow

More information on the literature and art band and Conrad Festival exhibitions can be found here .

A detailed programme of the Conrad Festival is available at: www.conradfestival.pl

The Conrad Festival is the largest literature event in Poland. The motto of its 6th round is Shared Worlds. The Festival is a joint initiative of the City of Krakow, the Krakow Festival Office and the Tygodnik Powszechny Foundation.