22 August 2018 Book Industries during the 10th Conrad Festival

In the discussions among the representatives of the literary circles, some topics are recurring on a regular basis – the financial situation of authors, the status of small publishers, the impact of the Internet on the literary field and the condition of literary criticism. They will dictate the rhythm of discussions during the annual “Book Industries” event – a series of industry-centred debates taking place as part of the Conrad Festival, slated for October 25th – 27th.

We talk about the needs and ills of the literary circles all the time – behind the scenes, at tables after literary meetings, during industry workshops or nationwide discussions in the press, and for quite some time now, we have been also doing it in Facebook comments. Like every year, the Book Industries programming will bring these important issues to light and encourage the representatives of the literary industries, as well as all stakeholders who are not indifferent to the fate of literature in Poland to join the discussions. The talks are hosted by Marcin Wilk, curator of the programming.The Book Industries will start on Thursday at 1:00 p.m. with “Critic with a Master’s Degree. On the importance of university education,” with Dr Bernadetta Darska, a blogger and literary scholar, as well as Prof. Ryszard Koziołek, a literary scholar and associate professor at the University of Silesia, will talk about whether academic education helps and prepares critics for their work, as well as what is and what should be the role of the university in literary life. Immediately after this discussion, we will meet again at 3:00 p.m. for the “Spelling Exam” – a discussion devoted to learning writing. Marcin Wilk will be joined by: Iza Michalewicz, journalist and creative writing teacher and Filip Modrzejewski, editor of the Archipelagi series at W.A.B. publishing house, and long-time creative writing teacher. The audience will be in for some stories from their teaching practice – and they will also discover whether it is possible to learn how to write and what determines the success of such classes. Thursday’s discussions and meetings will take place at De Revolutionibus Bookstore.

On Friday we will surf the Internet together and take a sneak peek at... the authors’ bank accounts. Literary critics – Olga Wróbel, Justyna Sobolewska and Łukasz Najder – will talk about the influence of the Internet on literary life. Together we will consider whether a critic can be an influencer; how to distinguish between criticism and hate; and whether the web has actually created a new space for talking about literature. Shortly after “The Power of the Web” we will meet Miłosz Biedrzycki, poet and co-founder of Spółdzielnia Ogniwo, and Bogna Świątkowska, President of the Bęc Zmiana Foundation, who will talk about the state of finances in literature. During the discussion “Waiting for a wire transfer” we will consider, among other things, where the money for artists went and what is needed to normalise the relations between economics and literature. On that day, we will be hosted by Spółdzielnia Ogniwo in the Kazimierz District of Krakow.

On Saturday, join us at the Abecadło Antique Book Store – formerly the “Pod Aniołem” pharmacy – for a meeting with Ewa Bolińska-Gostkowska, culture manager and editor at Wydawnictwo Znak publishing house, and Joanna Bator, author of Piaskowa Góra, who will talk about transferring books to the silver screen. The “From a book to a film tape” discussion will be devoted to the common practice of collaboration between writers and scriptwriters and scripts written by literary authors. At 3 p.m., you can attend the final meeting of this year’s Book Industries – “Publishers. On the power of small publishing house,” during which we will meet with a strong representation of small publishers, including Kama Margielska (Książkowe Klimaty), Julianna Jonek (Dowody na Istnienie) and Anita Musioł (Pauza).