15 October 2021 Festival meetings with emerging writers, winners of the Krakow, the UNESCO City of Literature Award

Once again, we invite readers to a band of meetings under the patronage of Krakow, the UNESCO City of Literature as part of the Conrad Festival. During this year’s edition of the event, we will talk to emerging writers, winners of the KUCL award. Meetings with Barbara Woźniak, Marta Sokołowska, Mateusz Pakuła, Maciej Jakubowiak and Patryk Szaj will be held in local bookshops in Krakow.

The first four days of this year’s Conrad Festival will be dedicated to meetings with emerging writers. On 18 October, Barbara Woźniak will talk to Szymon Kloska about her book Niejedno (Not One Thing, published by Wydawnictwo Drzazgi), which she wrote as part of her classes in the KUCL Writing School. Next day, Marta Sokołowska will disclose to Elżbieta Foltyniak her secret for a successful debut and talk about her book Imperium Dzieci (The Children’s Empire, published by Biuro Literackie). On 20 October, the playwright Mateusz Pakuła will present himself as a prose writer – he will tell Katarzyna Jakubowiak about his work on the book Jak nie zabiłem swojego ojca i jak bardzo tego żałuję (How I Did Not Kill My Father and How Much I Regret It, published by Wydawnictwo Nisza). On the afternoon of 21 October, Maciej Jakubowiak and Patryk Szaj will join the “End of the World Debate”. The authors will tell Oliwia Fryc about their books of essays: Ostatni ludzie. Wymyślanie końca świata (The Last People. Inventing the End of the World, published by Wydawnictwo Czarne) and Pamiętnik z końca świata (jaki znamy) (A Journal of the End of the World (As We Know It), published by Wydawnictwo Wolno).

All the meetings will start at 17.00 in local bookshops. Tickets for the events will be available to the public online at www.kbfbilety.krakow.pl starting from 12.00 on 4 October.

The meetings will be broadcast live on Facebook profiles of the Conrad Festival and Krakow, the UNESCO City of Literature.


About the competition

The competition called the Krakow, the UNESCO City of Literature Award was for the first time held in 2020, following a resolution of the Krakow City Council. The winners of the Award are authors, translators, editors and illustrators whose book projects reflect the literary character of Krakow.

The winners receive a monetary award and promotion, for example through social media in the Krakow, the UNESCO City of Literature programme, and can attend book launch meetings in local bookshops in Krakow.

Helping to increase the literary heritage and taking care of the image of Krakow as well as providing support to creative literary and editorial communities are the key assumptions of the Krakow, the UNESCO City of Literature 2017–2022 strategy, reflected in the “Patronage Programme” that has been developed for the last few years. The KUCL Award helps finance book projects that, in a broader perspective, reflect the city’s literary nature.