3 November 2009 Meetings with the Festival guests at the Book Fair

Readers will have a chance to meet Olga Tokarczuk, Stefan Chwin, Andrzej Stasiuk as well as prof. Michał Paweł Markowski, Piotr Mucharski and Grzegorz Jankowicz during the Book Fair in Krakow due to begin this Thursday. From Friday to Sunday the Festival’s stall (no P14, directly by the main entrance to the fair) will be where you can meet:

Friday (6.11), 2:30 pm         Stefan Chwin
Friday (6.11), 5:15 pm         Olga Tokarczuk
Saturday (7.11), 2:30 pm     Andrzej Stasiuk
Sunday (8.11), 1 pm                Piotr Mucharski, prof. Michał Pawłeł Markowski and Grzegorz Jankowicz