30 December 2010 Dziennik Polski appreciates Conrad Festival

The cultural year was summarised today by journalists of Dziennik Polski: Agnieszka Malatyńska-Stankiewicz, Jolanta Ciosek, Rafał Stanowski, Marcin Wilk, Paweł Gzyl and Wacław Krupiński. Among TOPs of the year 2010, they nominated three events organised by the Krakow Festival Office: the Divine Comedy International Theatre Festival, the International Joseph Conrad Literature Festival and the Chopin in the City project, as well as the Krakow Film Commission functioning within KFO’s structures. They also appreciated the following festivals co-organised by us: Unsound, Coke Live Music Festival, Off Plus Camera and Selector.

The Divine Comedy was appreciated as "an event which has become a key part of the cultural map of Poland with turbo-speed. (…) Instead of travelling across the country and visiting successive stages, it is enough to visit Krakow. From Jarocki, Lupa and Warlikowski to Augustynowicz and Strzępka”. The Conrad Festival was described as follows: “International multimedia presentations in a mixed company. And all of this happens in Krakow. It does happen. Indeed”. The Chopin in the City project was summarised with words: “Chopin is here and there, you can stumble on him everywhere. Why not?”. The Krakow Film Commission was recognised due to the fact that “they have finally begun to shoot something in Krakow. Uwikłanie (Entanglement) was produced by Jacek Bromski, then Hindus from Bollywood followed and further projects are due to begin soon. The Krakow Film Commission tries to make the city a more attractive place for film enthusiasts. I keep my thumbs up”.

About the Unsound Festival we can read: "This festival is the envy of the entire Europe. It is the place where latest trends in electronic music (and much more) are presented by the most important performers of the season (...). For a week, Krakow was the capital of new sounds”. Coke Live Music Festival and Selector festivals were appreciated for their line ups which gave consideration to musical tastes of different generations.

According to Łukasz Gazur, the title of WTOPA 2010 (awarded to the biggest failure of the year) should go to the ArtBoom Tauron Visual Arts Festival, which attracted “a large number of artists, some of them recognised as “great stars”, but projects were rather ordinary. Maybe it is time to change its formula? It would be sufficient to invite one great name who will have enough time and space to present something spectacular. Well, the festival was not a flop, because it still accustoms the conservative city to modern art, but just a slip. But I keep my thumbs up for the next edition of the festival”.
We recognise this constructive criticism and learn from it. We promise that next year's edition will be a great event!