25 October 2011 Preserved in art – opening reception for Naresh Kapuria’s installation

The third day of this year’s Festival will be organised under the eponymous Preserved banner. Besides meetings with great writers, discussions with translators, film screenings and theatrical meetings, the third day will feature the opening of a unique installation by Indian artist Naresh Kapuria, to be held at 6 pm at the Jan Siuta Gallery at ul. Sławkowska 14. Naresh Kapuria is one of the most creative contemporary artists today, whose concept of art encompasses a wide array of domains. He was awarded the Chevalier de L’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres by the French government, Award of Excellence by the government of Romania, Order of the Crown granted by the government of Belgium and the Charles Wallace Trust UK Award, to name just a few. With over 40 years of experience in the use of various media, Kapuria himself has given rise to several festivals in India and abroad.

The festival will feature his installation entited Untold Stories. The artist talks about his works: “My pieces revolve around untold stories that rest on the grave along with the body and remain hidden forever. As with reading subsequent chapters of a book, my works can be considered a show of a collection of such stories. Each heart has its story deep inside, and when we find out that story the true nature of the person unfolds; even the most ordinary person could turn into a star if their untold story wasn’t limited only to themselves.”

The announcement for the event reads: “With each stroke along the canvas, the artist discovers a different story; whenever he uses a brush, the artist is driven by unique and diverse emotions. Working on a canvas constitutes a clear story, and all brush strokes make up one unity, creating a masterpiece that remains unique. My work stresses my story, both told and untold....” The exhibition at Jan Siuta Gallery at ul. Sławkowska 14 will be opened to visitors from the 4th of November.