28 October 2011 Tickets for the opera Itamar Meets a Rabbit on MyDeal.pl

Today, the website MyDeal.pl launched sales of the tickets for the concert opening the 3rd Conrad Festival, a European premiere of Yoni Rechter’s opera Itamar Meets a Rabbit, a performance based on David Grossman’s libretto. The opera will be held at 8 pm on the 2nd of November 2011 at the Krakow Opera House. An extraordinary event: the performance will be narrated by David Grossman himself, and Guest of Honour will be its composer, Yoni Rechter. Don’t wait, the number of tickets is limited! Price: PLN 15.

Itamar Meets a Rabbit is a contemporary opera based on Grossman’s short story of the same title. The opera premiered at the Auditorium Mann in Tel Aviv in 2009 and was immediately hailed by the media as the most outstanding musical piece for children. The funny story for kids, however, is also a profound reflection on difficult neighbour relations and differences. The eponymous character finds out that, although he and rabbit come from different worlds, they essentially do not differ at all. Adults find here a clear reference to the strained social relations prevailing in Israel.