7 November 2011 Stasiuk, Bałka and Gretkowska among the most influential Poles according to Wprost

The latest issue of Wprost features a ranking of the 100 most influential Poles. The circle of those with the greatest impact on our life includes Andrzej Stasiuk, Mirosław Bałka and Manuela Gretkowska.

"Andrzej Stasiuk is a true paradox of Polish literature. A loner, but he is here, there, and everywhere. What can such a loner may have to say about Poland and the world? It turns he has a lot to say. Stasiuk observes from Wołowiec people and phenomena, taking them out of the context of seasonal fads." says Wprost. Andrzej Stasiuk is a regular guest and friend of the Conrad Festival. See more:

"Mirosław Bałka is one of the few Polish artists who has joined the lead of the world's premiere art league. A breakthrough in his career was the year 2009, when the prestigious London Tate Modern gave Bałka a whole floor for half a year. He showed a gigantic empty cube filled with darkness - a large project, a great event, huge enthusiasm of the audience and critics." enthuse Wprost's journalists. Mirosław Bałka was a guest of the first and second editions of the ArtBoom Festival. See more:

"Manuela Gretkowska is known even among those who do not read her books. For her readers, her books are like psychotherapy that enables facing the demons haunting us as Poles and Catholics, as people involved in social relationships and passions." says Wprost. Manuela Gretkowska was a guest at this year's edition of the Conrad Festival. See more: