18 April 2012 Book celebration full of attractions

Nearly 200 people participated in the 2nd edition of the Second Life of a Book one month ago. We hope that this time, on Sunday, the 22nd of April, on the eve of International Book Day, we will break the turnout record, especially since the book-exchanging campaign will be accompanied - for the first time - by special events. We meet traditionally in the Wyspiański Pavilion. Waiting for the book-exchanging campaign event, together with Strefa Wolnego Czytania (Free Reading Zone), we will announce the next edition of searching for Reading-Friendly Places. Just after 3 p.m., the youngest literature lovers will be able to listen to excerpts from Tami z krainy pięknych koni read by the author, Renata Klamerus, and at 4 p.m. we invite all to the conference room on the 1st floor, for the meeting entitled Three poets with character, with Mira Kuś, Ewa Sonnenberg and Katarzyna Turaj-Kalińska. On Monday, the book celebration will be joined by the Regional Public Library in Krakow, which is organising the 11th edition of the Malopolska Region Book Days Książka i Róża (The Book and the Rose).

We will begin at 2:45p.m. At that time we will announce the start of the next edition of the Strefa Wolnego Czytania event. Searching for Reading-Friendly Places, this time we encourage not only the inhabitants of Krakow, but of all the Malopolska Region, to report their favourite book corners. We will be waiting until the 31st of May for reports of places, where unlimited reading is comfortable, free and encouraged, where one can exchange books, discuss literature or even write books, where reading is promoted in an interesting way - in brief: places buzzing with literary life of the city.

How to report such a place? Fill in and send the form available at www.strefawolnegoczytania.pl in the "dołącz do STREFY" tab (Join the ZONE). Each report will be considered individually by the event organisers. The full list of new Reading-Friendly Places will be announced in June. Every PLACE will be distinguished by a ZONE certificate and included to the network of READING-FRIENDLY PLACES in Krakow and all of Malopolska Region. We are waiting for your pictures and descriptions of the most interesting events. Show yourself! Show how you love books! Please direct all questions to: formularz@strefawolnegoczytania.pl. Please read the Zone rules before submitting a report.

The 3rd edition of The Second Life of a book campaign will begin at exactly at 3 p.m. We will meet on the square in front of Wyspiański Pavilion, weather permitting. In the case of rain - we invite everyone to the building's hall.
If you want to take part in the campaign, bring between 1 and 10 books. Remember that the book-exchanging campaign includes books for children and popular books in foreign languages. At the request of the participants of the previous 2 editions of the campaign, we are introduce a new regulation to the campaign: whoever brings books published before 1995 will be able to exchange them only for other books published before 1995. People, who decide to exchange new books (published after 1995) - are not limited in their choice of books for the exchange.

We also know the schedule of the editions planned until the end of the year:

The 22nd of April - Świat kręci się wokół czytania (The World Revolves Around Reading) - the great book-exchanging on the eve of International Book Day

The 27th of May - Książki, które zainspirowały filmowców (Books That Inspired Film-makers) - the day after the 5th edition of the Film Music Festival

SPECIAL EDITION: the 1st of June - Dzieci też czytają (Children Read As Well) - special edition at the Children's Book Fair (venue: fair hall at ul. Centralna 41 a)

The 24th of June - Lato tuż tuż (Summer Is Coming) - we will be exchanging travel guides and travel books three days after the first calendar day of Summer 

The 29th of June - Niech żyją wakacje! (Long Live the Holidays!) - we will be exchanging books perfect for lazy summer days

SPECIAL EDITION: the 11th of August - Fantastyczna literatura (Fantastic Literature) - we will meet during the Krakon fantasy convention, and, exceptionally, we will be exchanging fantasy literature and Manga comic books only (venue: Krakon convention premises)

The 26th of August - Powrót do szkoły (The Return to School) - we will be exchanging textbooks just before the beginning of the school year,

The 30th of September - Literatura nie zna granic (Literature Without Borders) - we will be exchanging books by foreign authors on International Translation Day,

SPECIAL EDITION: 25th-28th of October - Kraków stolicą literatury (Krakow - the Capital of Literature) - during the International Joseph Conrad Literature Festival and the Krakow Book Fair, we would like to invite you to a 4-day book-exchanging event (venue: the Fair hall at ul. Centralna 41 a)

The 25th of November - Jesienny wieczór z książką (Autumn Evening with a Book) - we will be exchanging books perfect for long Autumn evenings

The 16th of December - Święta pod znakiem książki - (Christmas Reading) - we will be exchanging books perfect for reading during holiday evenings

We would like to remind you that The Second Life of a Book is a joint campaign of the Bookeriada website and the Krakow Festival Office. The 1st edition (the 26th of February) turned out to be a great success: more than a hundred book-lovers turned up. Each participant brought along an average of three books, so nearly 500 volumes changed owners, and another 100 found a new home in our associated libraries. The next, Spring edition in March brought together almost 200 people, and 800 volumes found new owners. The campaign partners: Gazeta Wyborcza, RMF Classic, Strefa Wolnego Czytania, and OPUS-M

Alongside The Second Life of a Book, the youngest readers will be able to meet writer Renata Klamerus in the hall of Wyspiański Pavilion and listen to her reading her own book entitled Tami z krainy pięknych koni - a tale of the adventures of three children living in a land called Kapadoclandia. Summer holidays, this is a time often bringing about a bit of boredom, this will now change into unforgettable days full of surprising situations... PLEASE NOTE: The most attentive and active listeners will also be able to win the book!

From 4 p.m. all literature lovers are invited to the conference room on the 1st floor for the debate Trzy poetki z charakterem hosted by prominent literary critics - Professor Gabriela Matuszek and Professor Wojciech Ligęza. This is an extraordinary occasion to meet three authors: Ewa Sonnenberg, Mira Kuś and Katarzyna Turaj-Kalińska. Join us!

From Monday (the 23rd of April) we invite everyone for a 2-day event in the Regional Public Library to take part in the planned attractions - along with the Department of Education and National Heritage of the Marshal's Office - as part of the Malopolska Region Book Days Książka i Róża (The Book and the Rose). The agenda includes: meetings with writers, competitions with - of course - book awards, the exhibition entitled Dni Oświaty Książki i Prasy czyli o popularyzacji czytelnictwa w ostatnich dwudziestu latach istnienia PRL-u (Education, Book and Press Days, i.e. Popularisation of Readership in the Last Twenty Years of the People's Republic of Poland) prepared with the use of collections of the Documents of Social Life Department, and for the little ones - book or rose theme face painting. We would like to remind you that during the Książka and Róża (The Book and the Rose) event bookstores will lower their book prices by 10%, and their customers will get a rose with every purchased book. The list of bookstores taking part in the campaign: www.ksiazkairoza.pl/ksiegarnie.
The detailed agenda of the Malopolska Region Book Days Książka i Róża (The Book and the Rose) can be found at: www.ksiazkairoza.pl